Pet Crate Furniture

Take a look around our site to learn more about wooden dog crates and why they are a great solution to a common problem. Many people believe wire, plastic, or collapsible dog crates are their only options. Our goal is to provide you a premium alternative that will improve your dog’s lifestyle and increase your peace of mind. By creating a stylish dog den that also serves as a stylish end table, you can spend more time with your dog while also creating a safe space for your dog to relax. Even clost to end of Life, we provide our clients & furry friends a honerable pet casket & coffins.

Wood Dog Gates

Want to create a boundary in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room? Our wooden dog gates make this easy and quick while not detracting from your interior decor. Many of our premium dog gates require no mounting hardware and can be put in place in a couple of minutes. Browse our selection and decide for yourself.

Crate Training

Before you invest in premium dog crate furniture, let’s make sure your dog is properly crate trained. By properly crate training your dog, you can be confident and secure when leaving your dog in the crate and can rest easy knowing your dog will enjoy their den. Check out our crate training guide that includes numerous tips and lessons to help you succeed when crate training.

We love your furry friends.


  • Why Purchase our Pet Furniture?

    Buy and communicate directly with the craftsman. is the retail outlet of Pinnacle Woodcraft LLC. We have been selling our wooden pet furniture to furniture retail stores and pet supply store for quite some time. After going back and forth with our dealers and their customers.  We discovered the missing link to great customer service, we really need to engaged with the customer right from the start. So that’s when we launched the website for you, the pet owner.

  • How do you custom make my wooden pet furniture design?

    Pinnacle Woodcraft uses solid, top quality oak and maple wood in all of our products. We never use anything other than real, natural wood – that means no particle board or other filler. You can choose 12 stain colors in oak or maple wood, and our Amish Crafstmen has extensive knowledge of wood stain customization. If you don’t see a match for your decor, he’ll be happy to work with you to design the perfect custom stain color.

  • How long will it take to receive my Amish wood pet furniture?

    Shipping times can vary, depending on where you live, but FedEx is usually very quick. Since every piece from Pinnacle Woodcraft is custom made to order, we’re currently working with a lead time of 21-30 days on your order– that gives us time to make sure everything is just right.

We hope you like us!