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Crate Training Manual Success from Pinnacle Woodcraft by Pennsylvanian Amish Craftsman

How does crate training work?


Never punish your puppy if he messes in his crate (or anywhere else)! Young dogs can’t help themselves because they haven’t yet developed bladder or sphincter control, which can take up to 16 weeks. Remember, your puppy’s just learning about his new home at this point; crate training should only begin once he’s old enough to control himself. Click here to read more

Why does crate training work?

As you know, your modern-day companion was once a wild animal – selective breeding over many generations created the domestic dogs we know today. But they haven’t forgotten their den-dwelling hunter ancestors’ instincts. Click here to read more

What if you’re crate training an adult dog?

Adult dogs who have never been crate trained may be a little more wary at first. If you’re just bringing your dog home, it’s best to start by feeding him all his meals inside the crate. On the other hand, if you’re implementing a new routine (or just moving your dog into a comfy new home) the above steps should work just fine. Click here to read more