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Vomiting: If it has an overload of parasite they may need to vomit to reduce parasites

Diarrhea: Parasites are a common reason that your pet could have diarrhea. These pets will usually be energetic, eating, and playful but will have diarrhea. The diarrhea can range from just slightly soft to completely water.

Not able to gain weight: Dogs with parasites will have a hard time gaining weight. They are competing for nutrients with the parasites that are living inside their abdomen.

Pale Gums: Most parasites get their nutrition from your dog’s bloodsteam by attaching to the stomach and intestinal walls and drinking your dog’s blood. Parasites can take so much blood that your dog becomes anemic & may need emergency veterinary care & possibly even a blood transfusion.

Blood in their stool: Parasites will attach to the intestinal wall. This can cause the intestines to bleed.

Bloated abdomen: These worms are living in their intestines, causing them to become distended, and the abdomen looks very big. If your puppy is otherwise healthy but seems very bloated, they may have parasites.

Scooting: When parasites are moving out of your dog rectum, it can cause them to be very itchy on their rear end. This will cause them to want to scoot across the carpet at home.

Itching: If your dog has external parasites such as fleas and tick, you will notice that your dog is scratching. You may even notice these parasites on your dogs.

Eliminating and preventing these symptoms is easy.
Protect your dog now.

Commercial Dewormer VS Vibralife

Shots or horrible tasting medicine that may upset the stomach
May be harmful to the gut and stomach lining.
May need a vet perscription
Only works on certian parasites
No benefits for health immunity
Hard on lactating females.

Tasty and convenient to add to dog food.
Beneficial to gut and stomach lining
No prescription
Full spectrum Parasite prevention
60 nutrients and 21 Amino acid for healthy Hair,teeth, and bones.
Beneficial for reproduction system.

What you need to know
about parasites & how to
keep your dog healthy


Proven and kennel tested the recipe for 3 years in commercial dog kennels to reduce parasites and coccidia and build immune health to give thier puppies a healthy start in life for a happy and healthy dog.

Customer Reviews

Steve S.

Just letting you know how HAPPY we are with Vibralife. We have had very good results with our Great Dane Male since we started feeding Vibralife. His tail had loss of hair at the knuckles and we could not get him to put on weight, his tail now is fully covered in hair and he looks awesome! When we would sell our puppies we would always get feedback like this, “This puppy has worms man!” or “This puppy has 3 kinds of worms!” or “This puppy has coccida!”. I had been giving commercial de-wormer starting at 4 weeks of age and every 10 days until sold and every time.. Read More

July 10, 2019

Teri Mattson

We are in the process of testing out this product at our dog rescue. We raise hundreds of puppies at our facility and always battle stomach bacteria and parasites. We began the trial run with a couple of litters that were all just in recovery from parvo. Their systems were weak and their poop was not solid! We put them on Vibralife and have seen great improvements. We ordered a pallet of the product and are currently using it with all of our young puppies. We will keep posting updates as we make progress with regular use. So far so good!

April 25, 2019



A newer sought-after ingredient aiding in digestion, healthy growth, & rock solid immune systems. Reed Sedge Peat has also been proven to up the level of nutrition intake, as well as detoxifying and lowering the chances of arthritis.


When used internally acts as a detox and helps the body get rid of viruses, bad bacteria, heavy metals, and parasites. Besides being good for detoxification, it helps to clean the colon and improve the health of skin, teeth and bones. DE can also be used as a natural flea prevention.


Yeast is part of a healthy mix of good bacteria in the gut, creating more energy and supporting healthy pregnancies and lactation. Also helps to keep the digestive system healthy and balanced.


A natural source of 21 amino acids and over 60 minerals, Kelp is an awesome ingredient for better thyroid function, tissue repair, and healthier reproduction systems. Inflammation, itching and skin issues, and a weak immune system will also be helped dramatically with Kelp.


A form of fiber proven to lower the risks of heart disease, strengthen the heart muscles, and eliminate diarrhea. Psyllium is considered a prebiotic, helping with immune functioning and inflammation reduction.


A natural product with lots of great health benefits, including better nutrient absorption, energy, and even flea deterrent. It also helps to fight problems like coughing, infections, and skin issues.


Garlic Powder in ancient times, garlic was used to treat wounds, parasites, & intestinal disorders. Garlic contains a variety of nutrients including vitamins, mineral, and fiber, and been linked to a reduced risk of several types of cancer.


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Q: Does Vibralife take the place of commercial dewormer?

Vibralife is designed to work side by side with a commercial dewormer, and in the long run, nearly eliminate it. What happens in a typical animals’ body is that the chemicals in commercial dewormer slowly strip the immune system and break down the body. At that point, the body can no longer fight off diseases by itself, which shows up in vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Adding Vibralife to their diet does two things. First, it boosts their immune systems, heals the gut lining and stomach, generally making your pet feel better, allowing their body to naturally fight off diseases. The second thing Vibralife does is it helps to naturally deworm and detoxify, so that eventually, once your pets body is in great shape and the immune system is rock solid, you can slow down the commercial dewormer. So don’t stop your deworming protocol cold turkey, but remember, a little dewormer should go a long way.

Q: What should I do if my pets don’t eat Vibralife?

Vibralife has many flavors added to make it more palatable, and in most cases, pets consider Vibralife tasty. If by chance your pets are not fond of the taste, try mixing it with some raw meat, raw eggs, or something of that nature. We at Vibralife are also making ongoing efforts to keep improving the flavor, so that giving your pets their daily ratio of Vibralife can be fast and easy.

Q: Can my pets have too much Vibralife? Does it have any harmful side effects?

The short answer to this question is No. Vibralife is made with all natural ingredients and has absolutely no harmful side effects. The best way to know if your pets are getting the right amount of Vibralife is to watch their stool. An animal stool should be formed and dark. If your pets stool is not firm and dark, you may want to consider adding a little more Vibralife until the conditions improve. Because remember, there is nothing like too much Vibralife.

Q: Should I feed Vibralife every day?

For optimal health, Yes. Vibralife has lots of great ingredients in it, not only for deworming and detoxifying, but also lots of vitamins, minerals, and daily nutrition.