Pet Bed

Give one’s cherished pet the most exquisite dog bed possible with a crate mattress made of memory foam. He will delight in having his comfy, plush corner of the world all his own. The crate mattress is created with three inches of lush memory foam. It softens by responding to heat energy in the body, permitting it to contour to a warm physical structure in just moments.

This marvelous material allows the body to sink into it, leaving a print of one’s body. Thus, the memory is there, right in the crate mattress. When one returns, it adjusts to the shape of the new print. Lower or higher density will determine how quick the shape will return back to normal. The heat-retaining attributes can help sooth a tired pooch or one in pain, especially arthritic type pain.

The dog bed crate mattress carries several significant features. The crate mattress is hand-crafted with care in the USA, custom made to fit perfectly in the rich, quality wooden dog crates. The crate mattress comes in three sizes, it has an indestructible duck cloth outside with cozy Sherpa fur on top and it can be cleaned in a washing machine.

The three sizes for crate mattresses:

Medium: 17″ W x 23″ L x 3″ thick
Large: 21″ W x 29″ L x 3″ thick
X-Large: 22″ W x 35″ L x 3″ thick

Treat the Fido or Fee-Fee in the family with luxurious pleasure by getting one of the lovely Pinnacle Woodcraft wood crates sporting a lucullan dog bed. Every dog bed is customized to fit just like one wants it, perfectly. Dogs love being pampered and soothed just like people. Loyal pets deserve to be treated well and the crate mattress is one superb way of rewarding a dog with his own dog bed haven.

Pet Furniture That Matches Your Living Room Decor

When it comes to taking care of pets, pet owners go through an extra mile to make sure they give their pets the best there is. There are a lot of stuffs that you can actually give your pets these days. However, one of the best stuff you can give them is pet furniture which they can use as a perfect home inside your house.

The wood pet furniture can be their relaxation area especially if you have small dogs that you want to show off to your visitors every now and then. It would be great if they grow familiar to their wooden dog crate which are perfect wooden furniture too which can serve as a corner table in you receiving area at the same time. And should you want to sleep with them just inside your room, you can always have one created to fit your bedroom design and space. You can even put a ramp beside your bed so they climb up your bed with you.

You can expect that these types of furniture which are very versatile, serving both your pet and you household needs are sturdy and dependable. They are built by Amish craftsmanship. They are easy to assemble, built from solid wood and come in many stain colors to choose from. They can be customized to suit your pet size, your space and the other wood furniture you have at home. Their wooden dog crate is made from natural wood. It is definitely one of the best homes you can provide you best friend. They are built well enough to give your pet dogs some fresh air and enough space to move around. You never have to worry about bringing your dog’s house inside you home which is an eye sore for you and your guests. You can always have one under corner or end tables.

In addition, the wood pet furniture includes a whole lot of other items which you pets will love. You can check out their wooden cat litter box enclosures, slope pet ramps, and other dog crates in different designs. You can also order elevated dog feeder, adjustable wooden pet gate and even a mattress to fit inside the dog crates.

You can place this wood pet furniture anywhere inside your house and your guests will surely be surprised that these tables and boxes are more than just wooden furniture. They are handcrafted, customized and made from solid wood. They are delivered in the best quality there is, with no rough edges so you can be sure they add more class to your interiors.

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