Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure


Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure


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Cats are adorable.
Soft, furry, affectionate, and requiring minimal supervision, our feline friends are in many ways the perfect pets. That is, until it comes to the litter box. Millions of American families work to hide their litter boxes in obscure corners of the house. A constant source of messes, a litter box wastes precious floor space and can be an embarrassing eyesore when guests come to visit.
Fortunately, the Amish craftsmen of Pinnacle Woodcraft have designed a solution for your home that will turn that embarrassing litter box into a beautiful piece of furniture.
The Enclosed Wooden Cat Litter Box is as much a cabinet designed to match your décor as it is a private place for your cat to do his or her business. It keeps messes and debris from cat litter to a minimum, providing a full enclosure for your cat. He or she will simply enter through the discrete, trimmed cut-out at the side.
When it comes time to clean your cat litter box, simply open the two doors and slide out the included litter pan. It further helps to reduce wasted floor space in your home by eliminating the need for a corner or entire room concealing the litter box from the prying eyes of guests.
This solid made wood pet furniture is offered in 16 different finishes, including different combinations of all-natural wood and stain. Expertly crafted for the convenience of your four-legged friend, it also serves as rustic yet functional addition to the interior of your home.
  1. Small 12 x 20 x 23″ H Inside 16 x 24 x 24 H Outside
  2. Medium 18 x 24 x 29 23 x 29 x 24 H Outside
  3. Large 22 x 30 x 24 27 x 34 x 24 Outise

Entertainment center without drawer Extra large 24 x 36 x 27 inside 28 x 40 x 28 outide
with drawer 24 x 36 x 27 28 x 40 x 36

Entertainment center Jumbo with out drawer 27 x 42 x 30 32 x 46 x 31

JUmbo No available unless they pickup here or get local shipping or contact us.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathy M.

    My cat is pretty happy with her litter box and so am I. Solid construction and cat area is really hidden which I loved most about it. Put a table cloth on it with pretty flowers and your side table cum cat litter box is ready.

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