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For a canine that has enjoyed the solitude of his or her crate since being a puppy, it can be difficult to introduce new routines. Removing the existing wire crate your dog has come to know and love could be a source of anguish and confusion for him or her. For years it has served as a safe place for naps, a sense of comfort when you need to leave home, and it is sometimes stocked with treats and toys! It’s easy to understand how your four-legged friend could grow attached.
Regardless of the reasoning, you and your dog may both desire to retain the wire crate you already own. If that is the case, the Amish Wood Dog Crate Cover is definitely the perfect solution. Reclaim the floor space taken by your wire crate by having a solid wood cover built for it, while allowing your fur baby to continue enjoying his or her own private sanctuary.
A dog crate cover will be Amish crafted to the dimensions you specify, ensuring a proper fit with the crate you own. Available in your choice of all-natural wood and stain, shipping is available nationwide to every home in America.
Aside from the functionality of an Amish Wood Dog Crate Cover, this piece of wood pet furniture is a simple way to beautify your home. The classic design of the wooden craftsmanship is sure to compliment your décor while allowing your canine companion to continue enjoying his or her favorite space.
Undeniably an attractive component to your interior, the Amish Wood Dog Crate Cover additionally serves as a fantastic conversation starter!

Custom orders are openly accepted.

  • 2 size categories:
    • medium – custom made to fit your wire cages up to 19” w, 24.5” l & 24” h
    • large – custom made to fit your wire crate  up to 23” w, 30” l & 26” h
    • extra-large -custom made to fit your wire crate up to 27″  w x 37″ l x 31″ h
  • Solid wood construction – oak, or maple.
  • Lets your dog enjoy their familiar home
  • Beautifies your space
  1. Small 12 x 20 x 23″ H Inside 16 x 24 x 24 H Outside
  2. Medium 18 x 24 x 29 23 x 29 x 24 H Outside
  3. Large 22 x 30 x 24 27 x 34 x 24 Outise

Entertainment center without drawer Extra large 24 x 36 x 27 inside 28 x 40 x 28 outide
with drawer 24 x 36 x 27 28 x 40 x 36

Entertainment center Jumbo without drawer 27 x 42 x 30 32 x 46 x 31

JUmbo No available unless they pickup here or get local shipping or contact us.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amelia Mark

    In love with this crate cover! I was looking for something bigger for my growing puppies and this one met all my requirements. It is sturdy, made of top-notch quality and looks super nice in the living room. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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