Wooden Gates

It is every new puppy owners dilemma, what to do with the new puppy; how to confine them to one location in the house while giving them the room they need. The solution is finally here. The expandable wood dog gates or indoor fences that are specially designed for indoor use provide dogs with the room they need and the owners with the peace of mind that they need to make sure that the new puppy or even an older dog does not destroy the entire house when the owners are not home or are sleeping. This is an inexpensive alternative to keeping the dog outside or closed up in a room at all times.

The indoor dog fences are made of solid wood, with a choice between oak or maple depending on the taste of the owner making them sturdy and inexpensive on top of being easy to install anywhere in the house. If it is a small doorway that is needed to fill, the small size is ideal with an adjustable width between 28 and 48 inches. If the doorway is larger, then the larger size reaches from 48 to 60 inches. Should more space be needed, there are also expansions available in 24 inch increments so no matter how big or small the doorway is there is a wood dog gate that will fit and keep the dog confined.

Aside from the range of sizes, the indoor dog fence also comes in a range of stains that will match any décor. The maple wood selection can be stained to colors like mission , acres and espresso as well as the standard black or white. If the Oak wood was selected, available colors range from a light to dark stains as well as painted black or white. There is always a color to fit any person’s décor in any home.

The indoor dog fences are fully customizable and will fit into virtually any doorway. With these ideal wooden dog gates, the dog will stay confined to the specified space while maintaining the style of the home and the owner.

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