Wooden Dog Crates

Regardless of whether pet owners live in a house or apartment, each family member has a favorite placed to call his or her own. Often times, dogs pick their favorite spots in the home too. Unfortunately for dog owners their loving, wonderful companions often pick the same favorite spots as they do. For instance, the favorite recliner in front of the television or spot on the couch doubles as the dog’s favorite place too.

Purchasing a wooden dog crate is the perfect way to ensure dogs have their own relaxing, favorite spot in the house or apartment. This isn’t just any wooden dog space. Instead of a metal cage, dogs can enjoy an Amish-made wood dog crate with unique features.

Wooden Dog Crate Entertainment Center

The dog crate, which includes a slide out drawer for pet owners to place important documents in, also doubles as an entertainment stand. The table surface provides space for a television and/ or sound system. Below the drawer, the dog can relax in his or her own space. The wood pet furniture is also available without the drawer. Available sizes: Extra Large, Jumbo

Wooden Dog Crate End Table

This type of wood pet furniture has a hide-away storage compartment at below the table’s surface. Inside the dog has plenty of space to lounge around. The crate fits perfectly at the end of a couch or chair just in case the dog wants to watch television too. The wood pet furniture comes in medium and large sizes.

Wooden Log Crate End Table

This is also an end table, but does not have a hidden storage compartment. It, however, does prove a dog with luxury and fits any décor. It has log corners which support the interior space and tabletop.

All of the wood pet furniture has additional benefits besides the uniqueness. Each crate is constructed by Amish craftsmen and is custom made of solid wood.  The wood is sturdy and can become heirloom pieces handed down from one pet owner to the next.

Not every wood pet furniture crate is the same. Pet owners can customize their crates. For instance, pet owners can order a dog crate that matches their furniture. The owners can pick from 16 stain choices and two kinds of wood (maple and oak). Stain choices include:  Espresso,White,Black,Natural and Provincial

Each crate has wooden slates to allow pet owners to see in and dogs to see out. Pet owners can place pet beds inside the wood pet furniture to provide their companions more comfort. Also, each crate has a door. Thus, dogs can enter and exit whenever they please. Owners can close the door in case guests, who are afraid of dogs, arrive.

Wood pet furniture is a great way to provide dogs with their own favorite place to relax during family time. The wooden dog crate allows gives pet owners a way to decorate their apartment or house in a stylish and unique way. So throw out the intrusive, ugly metal dog cages that don’t match the furniture and is hard to hide when guests arrive. It’s time for a wooden dog crate.

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