Wooden Cat Furniture

Wooden Cat Furniture as your Litter Box Cover

For the millions of cat lovers all over the world the one complaint most commonly shared again and again is the messiness and unappealing nature of having an open and exposed litter box in their home. The majority of homes have a specially designated area for their cat’s needs, often necessitating the use of valuable living space. Since the litter box area is often so much messier outside the box than the litter itself, most people will attempt to hide it in order to avoid that unsightly and embarrassing eyesore, especially while entertaining guests.

The perfect solution has finally arrived!

Addressing this untidy situation is the beautifully crafted, Amish designed, Corner Cat Litter Box Enclosure. Not only does this handcraft cabinet help hide any unkempt litter box, it also doubles as a lovely piece of furniture that fits snugly into any corner of your home. This allows you to save valuable space and to finally get rid of that unwanted litter box area forever!

The Cat Litter Box Enclosure comes in sixteen different stain colors, like Bing Cherry, Espresso, Natural, Black or White, and a choice of either Oak or Brown Maple wood. With such a variety of colors to choose from this elegantly constructed pet wood furniture will compliment any type of interior design. Spacious and compact, the cabinet sits at 23L x 31W x 22H, perfect to be used as a lamp table, family picture display or to exhibit a beautiful vase of flowers.

The trimmed cut-out opening allows your cat quick and easy access whenever nature calls. This specially designed opening will guarantee all that splashed about litter will remain inside the cabinet and not on your floor. A protective interior pan that snugly fits inside the cabinet is included with purchase, and for easy human access this ingeniously designed woodwork comes with a large hinged door allowing you to change the litter quickly and conveniently. In the age of shoddy plastic and slapped together assembly where everything comes from overseas, the Cat Littler Box Enclosure is made by Amish craftsmen right here in the United States

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