Ramp up your Dogs Lifestyle

What’s the coziest picture or moment of your dog that you can remember? Most probably it would be that of the dog being cuddled with you or your kid on the bed. If your dog is too young or too old, climbing or jumping onto the bed will be difficult.

In the last scene of the movie “My Dog Skip”, the dog becomes too old to even climb the bed. His friend, the boy with whom he had grown up all these years and played on the very same bed, has now gone to college. Sad and dying the dog attempts to climb the bed but fails, so the mother of his friend come and helps Skip onto the bed. In the heart wrenching scene she later notices that the dog finally found peace on bed of his son as the dog closes his eyes and stops breathing. A dog loves its own bed but loves the bed of his friend even more, there is definitely an emotional connection that the dog has with the bed of his owner and friend. Many of you will recognize this if you have ever had a dog.

A dog ramp brings this very bed within reach of the dog when it is too old or too young and small. Even if the dog is grown up enough to jump onto the bed it is risky and the jumping and scratching could spoil the sheets. A dog ramp is the perfect way to allow a dog to move on and off the bed or even a sofa/couch. There are risks for these pets even indoors and these ramps help cut down the risks just like padding corners to protect toddlers. Older dogs won’t have strength to jump onto the bed, couch or sofa and younger dogs might hurt themselves in the process. Thus a ramp gives them the proper way to climb and also trains discipline in them.

Our Amish-made dog ramps are made of solid oak wood. Whether your dog is big or small, our dog ramps will always be able to support its weight. Besides dogs your children themselves might want to play on the ramp. That’s why we build the ramps strong enough to support 150 pounds of weight. Although not designed for playing on by children, your dog ramps will not break when children play on it.

We are a community of expert Amish woodcraftsmen. Our products are built with the highest standards or quality. Apart from the choice of many existing designs we can make custom designs as per your needs, we can color them in a choice of 4 different stain colors, put 3 different types of slopes and 2 different types of width.

Not just dogs but even cats would find the wood ramp very helpful. It would actually be even more beneficial since cats have sharper claws. So get an oak ramp for your loving pet, cat or dog, and let them climb up to you for sme cuddling love on their own.